Let it ~bee~

This morning five of us woke up early to get coffee/tea from the cafe next door and take a tour of the murals surrounding the hostel.

We got back to the hostel and made biscuits for everyone before heading out to volunteer at the POP Project. We sorted through and packaged 270 books then delivered them to two homeless shelters in Asheville. It was great how promoting literacy can be used to relieve poverty.

After volunteering, Brett and Morgan finally took everyone to the fabled Downtown Asheville. We ate a picnic lunch in Pritchard Park in the beautiful weather. We walked around the shops (including an incredible honey shop where we lost all self control) and toured St. Lawrence Basilica.

After hanging out around downtown, we spent the afternoon volunteering at the Steadfast House. The home offers classes, shelter, meals, and refuge for women and children. We did some yard work in the backyard to prepare for mulching and then played with the children for a few hours–they were SO cute! We also had a really great conversation with a female veteran who lives in the house.

After wrangling toddlers all afternoon we decided to stop at iHop for FREE pancakes. We ate way too much way too fast sooooo afterwards we…

WENT BACK TO THE CUT! I wasn’t completely honest on the Sunday post–six of us chickened out of hiking The Cut the first time… so we built our courage and returned today. We had an hour long photoshoot on top of this mountain overlooking the Asheville skyline at sunset.

Hiking was exhausting so we returned to the hostel for our pot luck dinner night. Everyone in the hostel had to cook a dish to the theme “So Wrong It’s Right”. Other guests cooked fruit sushi, “Foot Pie”, and “Experimental Spice”lasagna. We made the main course of Spaghetti Tacos. It was also another guests birthday so we had a little celebration.

We were very tired after our long day but couldn’t resist the bluegrass concert at the auditorium next door. We went and listened to some awesome banjos and fiddles and refreshed some of our dance moves from last night.


We ended the night with some great reflections about our day–we discussed our opinions about poverty relief, the role of the government versus private sector, and our overall impressions of our service thus far.

Tomorrow we’re working at the food bank and we’re super excited!