[Don’t] go chasing waterfalls

This morning we woke up and, like an episode of Chopped, made breakfast for 10 people with 6 bagels, oatmeal, and a few bananas. Once everyone had eaten we hopped in our cars and drove to DuPont State Forest in search of WATERFALLS! We were not disappointed.

Our ten mile hike yielded 6+ waterfalls and too many dogs to count. We ran around barefoot in the freezing cold water and ate lunch at the foot of High Falls (where they filmed the Hunger Games!).

At sunset we drove around the city in search of The Cut, which is a super secret hike with a beautiful panoramic view of the Asheville skyline.

Suddenly we realized we were STARVING so we stopped at Juicy Lucy‘s. We balled out with cheese stuffed hamburgers, nachos, milkshakes, and gyros. It was truly an amazing experience.

Tomorrow is our first day of service and we can’t wait!